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[Now, if you want to speak in terms of priorities, then, for me, this investigation is behind about 100 others that come to mind!]

[Aramini:  I am not familiar with James Jordan's work aside from the pair of interviews collected in Wright's SotNS.  Where can I find his stuff?]
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I feel I should apologize for my tone, Michael.  You are correct, no doubt some of the important events Wolfe lived through would shape his narrative effort, if not intentionally, then subconsciously (though he is a VERY intentional kind of writer, with four or five complete re-writes to everything).
Rev. Jordan (I believe that is his title, but I am more familiar with Catholic nomenclature) posted quite a bit more in the early Urth list.  For example, here
I don't know if he still reads the list, but his understanding of Wolfe's dualistic concerns are excellent, and he pikcs up on the actual religious symbols cropping up that some might be a bit too secular to  notice in more than passing.  there is no comprehensive outlet, but along with Alice Turner, Michael Andre Driusi, and Borski, (there were others, of course, like James Wynn), Jordan threw down a lot of useful interpretational building blocks and approaches to Wolfe.
I don't mean to denigrate Borski entirely - as far as Fifth Head of Cerberus goes I feel he is 80% on the money, with brilliant and correct inferences - it's just that some of his stuff is tenuous and the onomastics a trap from which one can never escape.
I like to take a slightly more literal approach to, in particular, the sacraments of the Catholic church that show up than Jordan does.  Thus, for example, in Eucharistic scenes in Wolfe, I actually see a transmogrification from vegetative to fleshly, but his spritual analyses are well informed.  
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