(urth) paleolithic, dendritic, and predendritic cultures

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Of course with trees grabbing for the falling VRT with their roots and trees traveling around in the third novella " trees that have travel", I don't see why it isn't a dendritic culture entirely.  A culture of trees.  I don't know why some are so resistant to the ubiquity of sentient trees in Wolfe.  Can't under them once you notice it.  That's anthropomorphizing to a whole new level. 

Cesar branches are waving.  Also, many pink butterflies (as a symbol) might come from a little larval stage associated with pink- the eggs those shadow children chew before they spit out their white "wives." Notice the pasty white almost deformed flesh of Marsch when he shows up.  He is a maggot.  Man is like a god when he fosters these beasts inside him for he engenders further life and needs no wife to do so, as the shadow children say, in paraphrase. 

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> From: David Stockhoff
>> That's true, but Marc's observation is that Wolfe made it up. Maybe
>> there should be such a designation, and maybe it would be especially
>> appropriate for the two planets, but either way it's a fabrication. And
>> either Marsch was a giant among anthropologists as the guy who
>> coined this new term, or he's full of sh*t.
>> I am not sure we can ever really say which it is, but plainly Wolfe is
>> pulling our legs. Either way. It reminds me of the W/Vernor Vinge
>> error---one of those revealing mistakes.
> It may be that sometime between now and the twenty-ninth century or whenever, such a term will come into use, perhaps with regard to wood and forest based cultures.
> Obviously the idea of stages/ages is a somewhat arbitrary taxonomy in any case; they are probably among the most 'socially constructed' of all scientific terms.
> - Gerry Quinn
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