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Perhaps. OTOH, there is the traditional distinction between desire and 
lust. Abundant procreation need not signify desire. Cloning itself is 
procreation without either one. "Dizier" may point more to spiritual 
stagnation---/that /kind of desire.

The fact that humans are for sale at all seems more salient than their 
price. If Mimizon is in a balanced demographic stasis, neither growing 
nor shrinking, no one would really need either an extra mouth or another 
pair of hands. Mass slavery is usually associated with excess population 
(cities captured and razed) or colonization (plantation system, gold and 
silver mines). Neither condition seems to hold here.

On 4/3/2013 6:20 PM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
> All this free association seems to neglect that we are told at the 
> outset that children are extraordinarily cheap in Port Mimizon.
> - Gerry Quinn
> From: David Stockhoff
>> > And sterility. I forgot sterility.
> From: Marc Aramini mailto:marcaramini at yahoo.com
>> Still dwelling on the fact that there are almost no buildings newer
>> than 140 years old in Port Mimizon and that there are less people
>> than 140 years ago and that the records that burned at St. Dizier,
>> while that resonates with the burning of the real French city in the
>> 18th century, also echoes the latin desidero - desire.  Has human
>> desire, and therefore natural reproduction, burned out?
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