(urth) port mimizon, department of the hand

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 3 08:11:19 PDT 2013

Also of note is that Port Mimizon is in the departement de la main, or the hand or principal.  It is between a thumb and finger, if I recall.  Interesting that a text that hinges so much on the use of hands and their disuse or adaptation would have the hand as a place name.  
Still dwelling on the fact that there are almost no buildings newer than 140 years old in Port Mimizon and that there are less people than 140 years ago and that the records that burned at St. Dizier, while that resonates with the burning of the real French city in the 18th century, also echoes the latin desidero - desire.  Has human desire, and therefore natural reproduction, burned out?  
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