(urth) fifth head owlet- wolf

Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Tue Apr 2 03:23:29 PDT 2013

From: David Stockhoff

> Peritonitis, exactly. It need not have any meaning. It only needs to be an 
> organizing principle.

An organising principle must organise.  What is organised by this storm of 
putative connections?  [And 'odd' things that are not really odd at all? 
Can't a hungry girl falling asleep under a tree dream of a planet seen 
through the branches as a giant fruit?]

5HOC is not Peritonitis, in which there is an explicit disconnect between 
the description of the protagonist as a humanoid hero and as a microbe, 
which the reader is invited to make of what he will.

- Gerry Quinn

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