(urth) Inhumi eyes and names

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Absolutely. Still, it should make enough scientific sense to be roughly 

In other words, Chekhov's famous gun needs to work by explosive 
combustion, not fiery demons who become enraged when you pray to Satan 
under a full moon.

On 9/28/2012 2:01 PM, Daniel Petersen wrote:
> António Pedro Marques <entonio at gmail.com 
> <mailto:entonio at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Vision:
> - I think this is one case where Wolfe just chose to go with a cool 
> idea, not worrying very much whether it can be scientifically 
> explained or not.
> We do all realise this is a lot of what's going on Wolfe, right?  And 
> if we need 'explanation' in the Solar Cycle, surely it's that the 
> whole work is to some degree a form of 'magical realism' or the like, 
> right?  It really is 'science fantasy' to one degree or another, in 
> one sense or another.
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