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Passages which of course raise more questions . . . The "not yet climbed down" suggests that the wisdom sought by humans is attainable but is not yet attained or put to use. That's clear enough for the scene but not terribly enlightening.

I always thought of the woman/man in the tree metaphor as a sort of joke told in terms of human evolution, i.e., arboreal apes coming down from trees to walk on two feet. (Otherwise why twist Genesis to have BOTH go up the tree?)

But is Quetzal thinking of inhumu evolution and applying it to Genesis? Does this tell us more about how the inhumi evolved than about humans? (Marc, I know you're the guy to ask!)

Yes, it is a syncretism of Genesis and inhumi evolotion, but you are no doubt aware of my rather controversial opinion:
men have evolutionarily "climbed up" the trees of green and become the vanished people over time ... the liana vines in clinging to those mystical vanished gods (gods who are the giant trees of green, which weep and perform other anthropomorphic tasks, such as eating in cannibalistic fashion) have become the degenerate lesser sentient being, the inhumi, whose parasitic gifts make them able to grab what they consume and incorporate it into their future offspring - thus, inhumi are manlike when they feed off men, and reptilian and even simply lianas (like Silk's staff in In Green's Jungles) in the absence of that parent  animal genetic material.
Of course, like everythiing in Wolfe this has a literal interpretation too - men have climbed up into the whorl and have not yet climbed down yet to repopulate, following the plan of Pas.
So I see a scheme in which man literarily climbed back up an evolutionary tree and vanished, more or less, a hybrid of plant and animal.  Inhumi are simply a byproduct of the vines parasitizing that magical recombinatory power of the trees on a slightly more debased level.
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