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No, Silk's personality is coming through here in Horn, confusing Hoof for his feelings for "Horn".  The [sic] is the narrators, daisy et al, putting that that is how Horn wrote it.

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From: Lee Berman 

> From On Blue's Waters, Ch. 5 section 6:

>    Even Hoof and Horn [sic], who must just be entering young manhood now

>    will someday be as old as Marrow and Patera Remora.....in fifty years,

>    Horn and Hide [sic] may well be dead....These words, which I pen with

>    so little thought- or hope- or expectation- may possibly endure long

>    beyond that, endure for two centuries or even three...

I am confused by this. I could guess the first [sic] is a way of

forshadowing that Horn's self-identity will come into question later.

But what about the second [sic]? Is Hide's identity also to come into

question? Or does the second [sic] also refer to Horn in the clause?


I say typo.  It makes no sense as written, and the names are easily confusable.  Reading the passage, I didn’t notice it, so it’s not implausible that author and proof-readers didn’t either.


- Gerry Quinn


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