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Mon May 21 22:11:40 PDT 2012

I have been reading a lot of short stories from the New Wave to see if they had an impact on Wolfe's writing at all for our little short story project (I won't call it a failure yet heh heh) , a bunch of Ellison, Tiptree, Zelazny, etc. and I read Zelazny's 1977 "No Award" today.
the hemispheres of a man's brain are separated on the corpus callosum and one of the personalities is promised an award for assassinating the president.  There are telepaths protecting him, and when the catch phrase is spoken, the man must try to stop his left hand with his right hand to foil the assassination attempt.
Okay, not EXTREMELY Wolfean, but in light of the No Award incident that cost Wolfe his first Nebula when Asimov mistakenly read The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories as the winner and the subsequent thematic inversion of that story that led to The Death of Doctor Island with the separated corpus callosum, I thought it might be a nice little in joke, as the second story DID win the award, published in 1973 .
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