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Wed May 2 06:41:24 PDT 2012

Marc Aramini:
>He also likens it to sea turtles whose nesting grounds have been irradiated in nuclear testing ? they forget to return to the sea and just go inland until they die,
>only their shells remaining for birds to nest in.

This seems amazingly like Wolfe channelling J.G. Ballard, an author with whom on the surface he has rather little in common. Or is it just me?
E.g. see Zachary Kendal's Silk for Calde blog article http://silk4calde.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/gene-wolfe-new-wave-author.html, where Wolfe is quoted
"If I was a part of [The New Wave], I was only a very remote, peripheral person. I suppose the epicenter of the New Wave was J. G. Ballard, although you might dispute that, and certainly I was at a great distance from J. G. Ballard".
On the other hand, it was noted here recently that Wolfe has written frequently about dystopian modernism, which is very much a Ballard theme, albeit approaced from a rather different perspective :-).
Hmmm. I can't recall any empty swimming pools in Wolfe, though. Although come to think of it, one wouldn't be completely out of place in Free Live Free. Or even in Peace.
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