(urth) Short Story 30: The Blue Mouse (and connection to Silhouette/other works)

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 16:46:04 PDT 2012

Below is an excerpt form my initial write up on The Blue Mouse.
I was wondering if the social system set up in "Sonya, Crane Wesselman, and Kittee",  "Remembrance to Come", "Slaves of Silver," How the Whip Came Back" and maybe "The HORARS of War"  and "Hour of Trust" was similar to the events occuring in "The Blue Mouse" ... especially considering this universal voisriit system.
In Silhouette, one of the characters is using a voisriit system, and in that social system women cannot refuse men sex without a valid medical reason - so I honestly believe that at the very least "Silhouette" and "The Blue Mouse" are in the same continuity, and that this continuity might also include all the stories above!!!!  Nationalism is destroyed and then a socialist wealth disbursement occurs - who are the dark blood suckers?  Do they show up in other works?  Is the ultimate expression of this going to be "Seven American Nights" and "The Werwolf as Hero"?  Wow.

The other interesting factor is the phonetic spelling of the voisriit system – it seems like English is the universal spoken language but its spelling has lapsed into insignificance compared to accuracy and uniformity in punctuation. This has happened increasingly since the 1960s, and English really has replaced French as the common second language – but why is it phonetic in this UN ruled future? 
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