(urth) Lake of Birds

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 05:32:09 PDT 2012

>Entonio: Wolfe's books are a bit special in that it is generally agreed 
>that all the alternative readings can coexist, rather than only one of 
>them being valid depending on perspective. BUT some take this too far, 
>almost to a caricature, and some caricatures are Lesser than their originals.

Some feel this List exists to establish a canon of "accepted lupine gospel"
as Roy once put it. A panel to establish the proper, accepted and/or correct
way to interpret Gene Wolfe.
I can see the value in this approach for science. Science is used in technology
and we can hope for the best effort in not blowing things up or having them fall
apart. I don't see a similar value in reading fiction.
Unlike science, the act of reading is an almost sacred one-on-one activity between 
reader and author. It isn't a group activity.  I participate in this List to share 
ideas but ultimately the interpretation I have is personal and individualized. I 
don't see the value in a rating system of other members- "well, he goes too far, 
but this other one doesn't go far enough.." etc.
As I see it, the attempt to create and even enforce a canon of correct thought
with regard to Wolfe is similar to taking the sacred, individualized act of prayer 
and turning it into organized religion. What I do find interesting is that the main 
participants in the attempt to establish correct guidelines of Wolfe interpretation 
are, themselves, atheists.  Perhaps a compensation is being made. ;- ) 		 	   		  

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