(urth) Short Story 26: The HORARS of War

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I meant to answer that one.  Because Wolfe wants us to know from the beginning that they're not clanking tubular robots, and because he knows muscular male torsos are popular and can arouse sympathy when they're not threatening to us.

Jerry Friedman
I just wanted to say that with the religious statements (one of the star of bethlehem (god being born as man), one of talk of the Scientist masquerading as one of His creations (capital He is revealed to mean God to 2910), and the thought of the crucifixion in particular to his own death, 2910 is only a number until the final external press release, where his number is obscured in favor of a name we don't know.
I feel that this imagery points to a being FULLY Horar and FULLY human who by his actions (showing what the Enemy is) can bring the other Horar's to the level of Man.  I don't think this has the same effect if he is just a man pretending to be a Horar, because he is redeeming the "lower" machine, though they are in fact not lower at all in this story, only in that they cannot refuse the commands of human man until they "realize" that they are man too.
Thus, the pinnochio/punch and Christ reference for me only works if he is a HORAR with the spirit of a man, and thus FULLY both.  If he is just a man, then he is not fully Horar - how can he redeem them?  Also, he didn't remember the football injury until he had to justify his humanity.
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