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Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Tue May 22 07:59:07 PDT 2012

From: David Stockhoff 

> Two things. First, let's remember that Google wasn't around when BNS was 
> written, and while I'm sure Wolfe didn't deliberately write for 
> seminarians and graduate students, he did intend his connections to be 
> visible. If one guesses a connection on the basis of a few links, one 
> should at least be rewarded with finding a couple more new ones.
Yes, but that award should not be a significant plot point.  More resemblances to the original Lake Avernus are fine, but one should stop short of drawing conclusions about the characters.

> Second, IMHO for the most part he prefers his allusions to be 
> concrete---not merely wordplay. That detail of the pipe, while small, is 
> concrete. And as Bruno points out, connecting a lake to the sea has 
> practical plot implications in BNS.
If it were a canal like the original, it might have more.
- Gerry Quinn

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