(urth) Short Stories 33-35: Mathoms from the Time Closet

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Wed Jun 13 06:25:48 PDT 2012

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>Also, as far as "Robot's Story", one interesting unanswered question comes from the entire set up - the children are "groupies"- groupies of what?

"Self-proclaimed", raising the possibility that they're not groupies of anyone or anything (yet), which is consistent with the description of them as virgins or nearly.  And just two of them are groupies, right?

> They are hanging out in Candy's house, but there are other Candies (how do you pluralize a name?)

Add "s", or "es" if the name ends with a sibilant sound, so it's "the three Marys", "the Dead Kennedys", "fifty Candys".

> mentioned in town.  Are the Candies clones/artificial constructs/youth icons?  Are they all the same that they can only be differentiated by where they were created? 

I took it as an exaggerated way of saying that Candy was a common name.  (By the way, does everyone who cares know that "Chillicothe" is pronounced "CHIL-a-coth-ee"?)

I want to know who the narrator is and what he's doing there with the kids.

Jerry Friedman

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