(urth) Chesterton'a "lunar virescence"

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> On 6/1/2012 3:48 PM, entonio at gmail.com wrote:
>> I think you have to be a catholic or a 'paleoconservative' in order not to be offended by Chesterton, unless you are very well read (quality more than quantity), in which case you may choose to enjoy his genius past anything else.
>> Maybe Wolfe can afford to be soft spoken because Chesterton took upon himself the dirty work that needed done. The man was a Maccabee.
> Interesting. What should I be offended by? His politics, or his religion?

_Orthodoxy_ reads like a scathing attack on most non-catholic philosophy. I've met few priests as sage as Father Brown and none so outspoken. _The man who was thursday_ seems to unrelentingly mock socialists. Jerry can see the wit in it even if finding it silly, but Jerry is far away from being the gen.pub. 

> I especially appreciate his disdain for imperialism and its expression in the press.

That's one of the bits that will appeal to a 'paleoconservative'. 

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