(urth) Chesterton'a "lunar virescence"

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>I think you have to be a catholic or a 'paleoconservative' in order not to be offended by Chesterton,

Chesterton doesn't offend me, but a lot of what I've read of his just seems silly (as well as brilliant and unbelievably original), including the essay where he says the moon is made of cheese.  It's available on line, by the way.


I agree with David that the essay may well have suggested or supported Wolfe's decision to make Lune green.  (The "forests" are obviously giant low-gravity mold.)

> unless you are very well read (quality more than quantity), in which case you may choose to enjoy his genius past
> anything else.
>Maybe Wolfe can afford to be soft spoken because Chesterton took upon himself the dirty work that needed done. The man was a Maccabee.

Or maybe Wolfe just doesn't have much of a taste for controversy and prefers to keep his ideas in fiction, where a lot of people will find them entertaining.

Jerry Friedman

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