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I thought the list might be interested in knowing the the
dictionary.comword of the day is
*hypethral*, and a sentence from *Shadow and Claw* is used as an example of
usage (see below).
http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/2012/07/11.htmlWord of
the Day for *Wednesday, July 11, 2012*

hypethral \hi-PEE-thruhl\, *adjective*:

(Of a classical building) wholly or partly open to the sky.

Follow the gallery around for about a thousand paces until you come to the *
hypethral*. With it dark out you might miss it, so keep an eye open for the
-- Gene Wolfe, Shadow and Claw

The choice of top light for the main galleries is said to have been
dictated by the belief that Greek temples were*hypethral*, that is, open to
the sky; from which it was inferred that Greek taste demanded to see works
of art under light from above.
-- Benjamin Ives Gilman, Museum Ideals of Purpose and Method

*Hypethral* stems from the Greek roots *hyp-* which means "under" and *
aîthros* meaning "clear sky."
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