(urth) Short Story 42: An Article About Hunting

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Interesting thought,Jeff, that it could be an ape.  The physical description is weird : 
"With a peculiar cry I can only describe as approximating the note of a large dog kicked unexpectedly while asleep, he flung his head and shoulders in the direction opposite me so vigorously that he was able to continue in a sort of rolling motion until his hind feet were high in the air, and, following through, bring them down behind his head so that he had, in the twinkling of an eye, revolved his entire body, which must have weighed several hundred pounds."  
He then charges away, a trait of ursus americanus, who will do false charges without the intention of attacking.
Does this sound like a cartwheel? I just don't know how stupid this reporter and the ecological control employees are supposed to be - from the looks of all their other destruction, very very stupid indeed.

The "bear" is twice mistaken for a large dog - I don't know if that would be consistent with ape imagery, but he seems EXTREMELY agile for a bear, and extremely intelligent in his understanding of what guns are to boot.
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> “Salt water from an oil drilling operation had killed fifty or a hundred
> acres of timber here, and his back was protected by a huge dead oak. … I
> raised my camera for a picture, and as I did so I could see from the
> expression of despair that crossed that coal black face that he believed
> it to be a gun.His look of relief when the camera made only a harmless
> click was quite comic. “

> This ecological bent reveals itself in several other works – the primary
> mystery here is “what’s the deal with that bear?”He seems to mistake a
> camera for a gun in horror and when the narrator is surprised by the
> bear in his little hiding place he at first believes the face is human,
> but distorted.

Could it be an ape?

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