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Thanks for the detailed response!  It is remarkable that a writer of
Lafferty's caliber has such a fragmented oeuvre.  As I was searching for
more about this trilogy I came across many references to unpublished works
of his, and of course some of the published things were limited print runs,
chapbooks, etc.  A shame, really!  I will see if I can find *In the Wake of
Man*, Lafferty + Wolfe will of course be a great combo.  Where did you
happen to hear about the possibly forthcoming Lafferty reprints?  The short
story collection seems particularly interesting; *Nine Hundred
Grandmothers* is hands down my favorite book of short stories.  Thanks for
the link to your blog, I remember having read some posts there after
finding your Wolfe blog.  Good stuff!

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Daniel Petersen <
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> Hi Antonin, I still haven't read anything but *The Devil Is Dead* because
> the other volumes have been too expensive for me to obtain.  I get the
> impression you can read at least the first two out of order, but it
> eventually makes sense better if you read the entirety.
> Interestingly, related to Wolfe, I believe Lafferty's novella 'From The
> Thunder Colt's Mouth' in the affordable 'science fiction triad' called *In
> the Wake of Man* (where Wolfe's 'Tracking Song' first appeared) is an
> excerpt from *More Than Melchisedech*.  The novella is an interesting
> read in itself, but I'm not sure how much it tells you about the trilogy (I
> certainly didn't notice much connection to *The Devil is Dead*, but there
> was an appearance from *Devil*'s protagonist, Finnegan.)
> Whilst there is good news in the pipeline that there should be a new
> Lafferty collection of short stories coming out in a few years' time
> (possibly introduced by some famous authors), with more popular volumes to
> follow such as his novels *Past Master *and *Fourth Mansions* - the Argo
> Mythos cycle (as the volumes you're referring to are sometimes called) is
> almost certainly not high on the publisher's priority list and so it will
> still be quite some time before they see the light of day.
> Since you're self-professedly curious about all things Lafferty, I highly
> recommend a perusal of the Lafferty blog I write as some quite
> knowledgeable people frequently comment with lots of insights and insider
> knowledge about the publication of Lafferty.
> http://antsofgodarequeerfish.blogspot.co.uk/
> Take care,
> (For those wondering what all this Lafferty stuff is doing here in a Wolfe
> board, check out Wolfe's rather fawning comments on Lafferty here:
> http://antsofgodarequeerfish.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/its-great-to-be-young-and-in-danger.html
> .)
> On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:02 PM, Antonin Scriabin <
> kierkegaurdian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I was wondering if any of you have managed to get your hands on and read
>> *Archipelago*, the first in the "Devil is Dead" trilogy.  As far as I
>> can tell, there was only one print run of 1,000, and the copies that I find
>> online are at least $150.  Does this work like a "regular" trilogy, in that
>> it is necessary (or at least highly recommended) that the books be read in
>> order?  I know with Lafferty all bets are off, so I wouldn't be surprised
>> if I could read them out of order!
>> I am also not sure about the last couple volume ... the Wiki says that
>> the third book in the trilogy, *More Than Melchisedech, *is itself in
>> three parts, that look like they were printed as chapbooks.  All are
>> virtually impossible to find online, and incredibly expensive.  If they
>> were printed as chapbooks, do any of you know if they have been collected
>> elsewhere, perhaps in a science fiction anthology or something similar?  I
>> ask because I stumbled across a nice copy of the second volume (*The
>> Devil is Dead*) that, while still expensive, was a bit more in my price
>> range.  Of course, I am also just plain curious about all things Lafferty I
>> can find!
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>> *
>> Thanks!* *
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