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It very well could be; I haven't seen Metropolis and it has been a long time since I read The Stars my Destination.  I am convinced from the way that Wolfe talks about looking at a famous story and trying to rewrite it that he consciously does invoke a whole lot of old themes, but sometimes alters them slightly or appropriates them for very different thematic ends.
It is interesting to me that it took Wolfe this many stories for the brothel to show up - I imagine the Victorian repression (whether real or imagined as a concept in novels and histories) necessitated far more recourse to the brothel than our current sexual sitation, but it is really quite prevalent in most of Wolfe's most ambitious work - the solar cycle, Latro, Fifth Head of Cerberus.  Whether it is an ambiguous symbol or not is not an easy thing to discern.

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I also suspect a reference to _The Stars My Destination_ (where Fourmyle
presents the men with an alluring android who they discover is a real woman at the end of the night) and perhaps _Metropolis_,

Cheers, David Duffy.
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