(urth) This Week in Google Alerts: the honorable Gene Wolfe

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 09:54:44 PST 2012

Well, it's good to know you're still kickin'.

James Wynn wrote (19-01-2012 17:46):
> Having permission I can say that Michael Andre-Driussi and I are trying cook
> up a plan for that weekend. So even if we can't get a table, it would still
> be fun to get together with whoever goes.
> On 1/18/2012 3:53 PM, James Wynn wrote:
>> I think I'd like to go to this. I would be cool if we could get a table
>> and sit together. But we'd need at least 10 to do that. Well, 9 actually.
>> I think I know a mystery guest who would definitely go if we pulled it
>> together.

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