(urth) Evans-Wentz' Fairy Faith

Brian brian at studiobl.com
Thu Jan 19 06:28:01 PST 2012

Since I didn't take notes, I don't have a complete list, but a couple of
things stand out.  A female fairy who walked through nettles as if they
weren't there, and the idea that if one fairy in a group raises his hand,
they all do, as if they were actually all the same being.  How many darn
fairies are in that group, anyway?

On Wed, 18 Jan 2012, Brian wrote:    > I've been reading Evan Wentz' "The
Fairy-Faith i Celtic Countries," and   > I'm fairly convinced it's one of
the sources Wolfe uses for his   > research.  I've noticed many striking
similarities, but have just been   > reading through rather than stopping
to take notes.  >  > Has anyone else read this book, and do you agree with
me as to it's   > being a likely source for Wolfe?    I've looked through
it, and agree it might be a source.  But Wolfe always   mentions Andrew
Lang's books as a childhood love.  Lang also edited _The   Secret
Commonwealth_,  and his intro to that covers similar ground to
Evans-Wentz.  Another source might be Dunsany eg _Curse of the Wise
Woman_.      Cheers, David Duffy.
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