(urth) Gary K Wolfe & Jonathan Strahan on Wolfe

David Duffy David.Duffy at qimr.edu.au
Tue Jan 17 04:11:25 PST 2012


The other Wolfe on the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame event, and Strahan
on BotNS, _The Map_, _A Cabin on the Coast_.

Strahan discusses the fact that BotNS was not Hugo nominated, compared to 
other awards it picked up (more popular with other authors than SF fans). 
Strahan didn't finished BotNS ;), though he has read Long.  He thinks the 
short stories more accessible.  GKW thinks _Wizard Knight_ a more start 
for beginners at "how to read Gene Wolfe".  Comments Wolfe writing has 
been compared to origami.

Gary K Wolfe also recorded an interview with Wolfe for the Chicago public 
libraries system around the time.  He also cited a spoiler warning at a
convention (they are about to talk about _Moby Dick_).

Strahan mentions _Shields of Mars_, introducing the idea that Wolfe can be 
read pleasurably without plumbing the depths.  He doesn't think there are 
any depths to that story.  GKW then compares hermeneutics of Wolfe as 
studying chess, and the Sun series to _Ulysses_.

They will discuss Wolfe in subsequent podcasts.

CHeers, David Duffy.

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