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> Jerry Friedman wrote (10-01-2012 04:52):
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>>> escreveu:
>>>  See, I found the way the thieves and other disreputables spoke in
>>>> Long Sun
>>> to be great; the odd words were carefully selected (like the vocabulary
>>> of New Sun) from other places and cleverly used.  A lot of the words
>>> were actually found in thieves slang from the 1800s (like "dimber" for
>>> example).
>> My objections in the /Long Sun/ are to Xiphias (every sentence ends in an
>> exclamation point!), Olivine (every sentence gets to the second-last word
>> and then... every sentence gets to the last word and then repeats),
>> and--ah--Remora.  (Do Oreb and the catachrest count?)   In the /Short
>> Sun/ we get Pig and the people of Dorp.  Wolfe does better, in my
>> opinion, with a lot of the other characters's ways of speaking.
> With the possible exception of Pig's 'eye dialect', how can those
> characters' specific ways of speaking be presented other than as they are?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these are all fictional characters.
If Wolfe wanted them to speak differently, they would.  Wolfe is not
presenting how somebody who actually exists talks.  The whole thing is an
artistic choice by Wolfe.

There is no Scotland in the Whorl.

How would we know?
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