(urth) The Ship

Jeff Wilson jwilson at clueland.com
Sat Jan 7 10:04:57 PST 2012

On 1/6/2012 9:36 AM, Lee Berman wrote:
> I was surprised to learn from this board that others assume it is Tzadkiel's ship
> or perhaps B, F and O's smaller ship, come to deliver a black hole to the center of
> the old sun.

I don't recall seeing anyone suggest the black hole is delivered during 
this time.

It is likely to be Tzadkiel's Ship because:

* it is big enough.
* it is equipped with reflective surfaces to show the off-season 
* FB&O are known to ride on it.
* Tzadkiel has a favorable personal relationship with Severian.
* The event is foreshadowed by Tzadkiel mentioning helping a childhood 
hero, and by a sailor mentioning the Ship occasionally gets between 
someone's eyes and some stars.

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