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In terms of animal forms in the work, the most striking for me are the
masks of the hieros, which seem hideous monsters, but are creatures of
urth.  So here the alien presence is directly linked to being masked as an
animal.  Of course I think there ius more to it than that

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>David Stockhoff: The theme of raising up and lowering down Man---or at
very least
>the stretching of the definition of Man---is strong in BNS.

I really think you are onto something with this. Tzadkiel is meant to
depict a
higher being than humanity and he/she demonstrates a full spectrum of
from lower being to human to angel. (the other spectrum he/she varies on is
but perhaps that is a separate discussion).

>the stars above, the abyss below.

Yesod, Briah, Abaddon= Olympus, Earth, Hades or Asgard, Midgard,
Niflheim/Hel etc.?

>However, I can't say I've noticed a motif of describing characters in
terms of animals.

I think we do see this and it is associated with characters which are
higher beings than
humans. Tzadkiel and The Cumaean are explicitly shown in an animalistic
form. The
megatherians are, by definition, beastial.  Melito's angel takes an eagle
form. The
armiger's daughter has her lark form.  We must wonder about "Mother
Pyrexia" and what
she turned into while confined.

I think an extrapolation of this theme makes it almost necessary to wonder
what monkey
form Father Inire might be taking. Why would other aliens take animal form
and not him?
I find Talos' vulpine nature and some animalistic comparisons for other
characters to be
invitations to speculate on their alien/angelic/pagan god nature.

IMHO, the snake and bird and fish (and Pig) associations found in
Long/Short Sun for
superhuman characters continue this theme.
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