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On 1/1/2012 10:55 AM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
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>  > "I pulled down the homespuns that had covered him and found he was naked
>  > beneath them. His right side was swollen, the lump the size of a child's
>  > head. I smoothed it away, thrilling to the power that surged out of
>  > Urth, through my legs and out my fingers."
>  > It seems he has the gift to draw from different sources of energy to do
>  > his healing, at least. But if the Claw-White Fountain connection
>  > transcends time, it ought to work at any time of the day. If it can be
>  > blocked by the limb of Urth, why does it work in the mines on the ape?
> Do we really know he is drawing on a power from Urth? That is how he
> interprets it, but on what evidence? He doesn’t really feel the source,
> or he would not first have checked the Claw.

In the quote you just snipped, Sev says he checks the Claw to see if it 
is glowing. It is several moments and paragraphs later (also snipped) 
that he does the healing and feels the thrilling mojo.

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