(urth) Double the Toil and Double the Trouble

Jeff Wilson jwilson at clueland.com
Sun Feb 26 04:21:39 PST 2012

	The recent "doubling the chromosomes" post suggests a possibility to 
me:  the repetition of Holy Katherine's line, "Strike and fear not," may 
also suggest a similar constructive transformation at work.

In the continuity of the narrative, of course she's repeating the cue 
because Severian is slow to respond. But the subtext may be that the 
various hidden time travelers are replaying the scene of Sev's elevation 
as part of their work making him suitable to become the New Sun. Sev's 
inborn connection to time is afflicted by this, explaining his 
not-yet-drunken wooziness, and the appearance of aquastor Malrubius is a 
confirmation that his particular "side" was successful on that occasion.

Sound good?

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