(urth) Osiris = the Green Man in BOTNS?

Jeff Wilson jwilson at clueland.com
Sat Dec 22 19:15:50 PST 2012

On 12/22/2012 7:57 PM, steve roh wrote:
> Osiris: killed by Typhon
> Green Man: comes from future possible Urth, an Urth which Severian notes
> will die (never come to be) if the tyrant Typhon is victorious
> Am I just imagining this?


Typhon already was victorious; he conquered Urth and many nearby worlds. 
The diminishment of the sun led to his downfall, but that same 
diminishment leads to Ash's timeline, away from Green. Typhon promoted 
the arts of the alteration of mankind and other living things, which he 
bent to evil ends but which also yield up the Green Man's chlorophyillic 
union with the sun so that mankind no longer need kill to live (or so we 

No Typhon, no Green Man either.

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