(urth) Gene Wolfe to Appear on Coode Street Podcast

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Tue Dec 18 06:05:30 PST 2012

These (New Sun) questions comes from an old neighbor of Gene's who now resides outside NYC...

- Is Agia a robot? A retired sex toy? Hethor's poppet?

- He dreams of marionettes. He finds himself in a traveling play about the New Sun. He is overtly and covertly being watched throughout the books. Would it be fair to surmise that Severian's life is one big puppetshow, and that, while we can't see the strings, they are going up his back throughout his story?


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> Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe will be having special guest Gene Wolfe on The Coode Street Podcast (to be recording this weekend). They have put out a call for questions. Post them here or e-mail me (GodelEscherBach at gmail.com) and I'll pass 'em on.
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