(urth) The Book of the New Sun vs. A Song of Ice and Fire

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On 8/1/2012 9:30 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:

> Well, there are no profound truths/mysteries about the nature of
> reality, but Martin does several things subtly, including the family
> tree of some characters.  The "out of character" bastard son of the most
> upright guy in the books, Ned Stark, is hinted at actually being his
> sister's son in some passages, who ran off with a guy from the old
> dynasty who was killed by a usurper years before the action of the book
> starts.  So that bastard is probably a legit heir but nobody suspects it
> and he is just shunted around to the northern wall, and the noble Stark
> fellow lets his wife kind of hate his "bastard son".

It's Catelyn's decision to blame the child. If Jon Snow truly is a get 
of the old dynasty, Ned saved his life and probably prevented a civil 
war given how vigorously all the other possible heirs were hunted down.

But I digress.

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