(urth) misc. short story comments

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 19:16:50 PDT 2012

So far the short stories (except The Green Wall Said) have not been excessively ambiguous.  1970 is looming, a year in which Wolfe published Operation Ares and 13 stories, and the next tale on our agenda is another one of those rife with speculation.  I plan on slowing down the pace a bit now.

Here are the next tales:

Changeling (Castle of Days) 1968
Paul's Treehouse (Castle of Days) 1969
A Method Bit in B (uncollected) 1970
Car Sinister (Castle of Days)
Eyebem (Endangered Species)
How the Whip Came Back (Castle of Days)
King Under the Mountain (uncollected)
Morning Glory (Storeys from the Old Hotel)
Of Relays and Roses (Castle of Days)
Remembrance to Come (Uncollected)
Sonya, Crane Wesselman, and Kittee (Storeys from the Old Hotel)
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories (hmm?)
The Packerhaus Method (Storeys from the Old Hotel)
The HORARS of War (Endangered Species)
Thou Spark of Blood (Uncollected)

That will take us through 1970.  Oh boy.

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