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I'm usually far too intimidated by this august group to include anything,
but if you are a Lafferty fan you might also enjoy Howard Waldrop.  Mostly
short stories, quirky and some quite funny.  I believe he and Gene are

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> At this point I'm reminded of Neal Stephenson as well. The Baroque Cycle
> is rather Wolfean and Powersian, in my opinion, infodumps aside.
> I believe there's a big difference between the people who like Wolfe (and
> Lewis, Tolkien, and some others) largely because their work is heavily
> influenced by their Catholicism, and those who like Wolfe because of his
> pre-post-modern-ish (to coin a phrase) sensibility. I'm one of the latter,
> although the Catholicism works fine for me as a background.
> Dave Lebling
> I am sure the Catholicism contributes to the baroque spirituality that I
> so admire - though I find him almost entirely (but VERY cryptically and
> elusively) modernist in outlook.  (I fervently believe in almost every case
> there IS  a bottom to get to - something I would abandon in an author  who
> I felt was being deliberately "postmodern").
> I love his prose and his creations and his mysteries, and I tell myself it
> is for that reason that I rank him at the pinnacle of all artists, in this
> or any time, and that everything that comes after will surely be a pale
> shadow, as everything that came before was just a fleeting glimpse of
> promise.  Yet it might very well be that my basic spiritual but eccentric
> and pragmatic "ends justify the means" conservatism is what really makes me
> put him far above the other authors I admire - that the arguments of his
> characters speak to me in particular.
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