(urth) This is what happens when you read Gene Wolfe before going to sleep...

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Tue Apr 17 19:29:27 PDT 2012

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> ...
> >I've met a few of us - better looking than you'd expect
> from an SF fan group!
> >
> >The nice thing about my name is if you put it in google
> images, it's really me that comes up.  There are no other
> Marc Aramini's.  I should try that with some of the other
> list members and see what happens, but would it be cyber
> stocking? hmmm.
> I don't think that's cyberstalking (to use your corrected
> spelling).  If people put pictures of themselves on the
> Web, it's so other people can see them.  This is me:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:JerryFriedman.jpg
> You look quite a bit like I had imagined, oddly enough. 
> And if you have a picture of yourself in your Severian
> costume, it would probably be better than any picture of
> Severian I've ever seen.
> Jerry Friedman

Thanks Jerry!  And thanks for the link!  It is nice to put a face to the names.  You teach physics and math?  I always loved math, but I could never teach physics.

I actually do change the way I train for those costumes.  The Bruce Lee one I do a whole lot of sprinting and supersets of bodyweight exercises for like a month before Halloween.  When I did the Crow, I tried to become morphologically similar to Brandon Lee, but since I'm only 5'8'' I had to create the illusion of height by hollowing out my physique - I'd have to do the same thing to do Severian real justice - and throw in some clever boots; I'm just not that tall.  

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