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I would have to agree that's it's underrated.  It's really up there with
his best I think.  But it's potent and woolly - not for beginners perhaps.


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> Antonin Scriabin wrote:
> Apocalypses is my favorite Lafferty book, two short novels unrelated
> except for the general theme of end-of-the-world.
> "Where have you been, Sandaliotis?" is about the sudden appearance of
> a huge island (or is it?) in the Mediterranean, and the world's
> greatest detective (or is he?) attempting to find out why before it's
> too late.
> "The three armageddons of Eniscorthy Sweeney" is an alternate world in
> which the great disasters of the 20th century never happened ...
> except in the art of an incredibly charismatic man. Only, they seem to
> threaten to become real retroactively.
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> Dan'l Danehy-Oakes
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