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As I recall, Locus actually published that they bought it. Didn't someone share the link on here?

And I would certainly buy a collection like the Vance one...even if the price was UNreasonable.

(And I'm about to start catching up on the stories, Marc...been a long, busy week.)
You are right, even if it's an unreasonable cost.  That's cool, I just wanted to get rolling on the stories that needed minimal time investment so I could spend more time in May on the "meaty" ones.  So far Trip, Trap, House of Ancestors, and The Changeling are the ones most "worthy" of further discussion, but once we get to the death/doctor/island stories discussion not only does Wolfe's content become more complex, his prose style matures quite a bit as well.  
The Changeling is the only early story that can stylistically hold up to The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories, on a sentence level alone that archipelago story is pretty sublime.  His quality output of the 70s was still definitely in the short story format, even with outstanding books like 5HOC and Peace.  In the 80s New Sun and Latro would definitely tend to outweigh his short fiction output in importance.

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