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From: Sergei SOLOVIEV 

> I meant that the ship in the "Silhouette" looked like a sketch for 
> future work.  For example, there
> is a mutiny and mutineers, affiliated with cults, and that reminds the 
> mutiny when Severian
> is on the Tsadkiel's ship. The ship in "Silhouette"is a modular, loosy 
> construction, and overmonitor
> remodels it all the time. Maybe indirectly it is an argument for many 
> ships in Solar cycle.
True, it is only in its crew that it resembles the Whorl.

> By the way, recently I asked myself, maybe the silhouette in the story 
> is a cousin of notules?

Maybe – but if so it is a much nicer and friendlier cousin!  I don’t think so, really, though – apart from being black and shadowy, it has mostly distinct characteristics.  The notule is a monster that flies and seeks heat; the silhouette is an intelligent alien that teleports, seems less substantial than the notule, and does not prey on humans even though it is interested in them.

Of course there is foreshadowing here too of many instances when two very different beings combine to achieve something that neither could alone; it is quite reminiscent of SilkHorn’s inhumi-aided astral travel, in fact.

- Gerry Quinn

- Gerry Quinn

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