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António Marques entonio at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 13:20:37 PDT 2012

David Stockhoff wrote:
> On 4/12/2012 2:47 PM, António Pedro Marques wrote:
>> David Stockhoff wrote (12-04-2012 19:40):
>>> On 4/12/2012 2:33 PM, António Pedro Marques wrote:
>>>> All we know about prisons we learned from Oz.
>>> That explains a lot about you, Antonio. Please excuse me from your "we,"
>>> since I never saw it.
>> If you never saw it, what can you know about what it explains or not?
> This makes no sense.

It was you who recently asked if I was impervious to sarcasm.

>>> I prefer reading about scientific and legal studies of issues rather
>>> than
>>> TV shows about them. Perhaps as a result, I don't say "I don't care at
>>> all what happens to murderers."
>> It's more fashionable not to care about innocents, n'est-ce pas? For
>> sure it's grounded on a vast amount of science.
> This makes no sense either. Did someone express such a sentiment?
> Recently you asked someone if he read what you wrote. Did you read what
> I wrote?

I did. I haven't seen seen a solution on your part. You chose to take 
exception with my suggestion on how to aggravate a system which I said 
from the start that should be pragmatic and do all it could not to take 
away what it couldn't restore, but I have seen no one address the 
problem of norwegian terrorists who face smaller sentences than would-be 
neighbourhood watchers who nobody will ever know for sure whether they 
are real murderers or not.

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