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> I should mention that my suspicion that Jacob and his brother are meant to
> symbolize
> the eternal fraternal conflict between Judaism and Islam is bolstered by
> the
> significant amount of time the cast spends in that Church Of All Faiths in
> the finale.
> There isn't much else in the 6 year history of the show which would
> explain that
> religious emphasis.

Au contraire--religious themes popped up time and time again: the Virigin
Mary statues, Charlie's altar-boy past, Eko as fake priest, Desmond in the
monastery, Jacob/Locke as martyrs, not to mention the constant
faith/science debate between Locke and Jack and the broader issues of fate
and destiny.

Fraternal conflicts, yes; perhaps a reference to Judaism and Islam,
although I saw a lot more Christian imagery overall (Sayid's Muslim
heritage did not play a major role).  If we wanted to be slavishly literal,
of course, the fraternal religious split would actually be one generation
earlier, between Isaac and Ishmael rather than Jacob and Esau.

Somewhat embarrassing that I'm popping out of lurkerdom to discuss Lost
rather than Wolfe, but that's probably a sign of my true intellectual
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