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On 4/3/2012 3:35 PM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
> *From:* Jeff Wilson <mailto:jwilson at clueland.com>
> On 4/3/2012 1:37 PM, James B. Jordan wrote:
>  > > I'm myself wondering if they have it planned out, as they did LOST. The
>  > > scenario has become so complex I wonder if they can pull it back
> together.
>  > Er, they did NOT plan out LOST; the conclusion violated numerous
>  > statements the producers made in earlier seasons.
> But Battlestar Galactica... at least they planned that one, right?

Grrr...  At least George Lucas could say "Darth Vader" is Low German for 
"dark father".

Babylon 5 had a real plan for a 5 season arc, even though the "I have 
every episode outlined and the first season written" turned out to be a fib.

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