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How did Quetzal (and the implied other inhumi) get aboard the Whorl is a
question that has come up a few times before.  If we are meant to answer
this question within the context of the Long Sun then the mechanism I prefer
is that the humans have been parked in the green/blue system for some time
and that some landers have flown down already and returned.  This could have
happened intentionally as some of the crew flew to Green, discovered
"demons" there and fled; or automatically with mainframe launching landers
to collect specimens and to ensure that this was a suitable habitat for the
cargo.  Inhumi then could have stowed away and returned to the Whorl this

What happens with Quetzal is a specific instance of the general case in
Wolfe, where an entity impersonates another entity they start to become
them; never more so than when their impersonation leads them towards God.
Like a gravitational field the force of attraction continues to increase
until they become full (agents) of God.
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