(urth) The Book of the Long Sun Question

Antonin Scriabin kierkegaurdian at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 07:52:49 PDT 2011

Well, I finally finished *The Book of the Long Sun*.  I thought it was
wonderful, but I do (of course!) have a few questions.  The first is, how
did Quetzal get on the *Whorl*?  The inhumi are natives of Green, so maybe
he found some way aboard the *Whorl* while it was in orbit?  If so, it would
seem that they were in orbit for some time, since Quetzal obviously spent
several years on board.  Also, why would he try, in his last moments, to get
the settlers to go to Green?  As food for other inhumi?  I haven't read *The
Book of the Short Sun *yet, so if these inhumi-related questions are
answered there, just tell me to read and find out :-)
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