(urth) memory and Suzanne (offshot of Typhon's nature)

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Gerry, if we accept the premise that strikes the narrator, he can't remember the event.  If we don't accept it at face value, his guess of never meeting Suzanne is correct.  I made the connection of why she is named Suzanne Delage: the return of involuntary memories that were repressed or misunderstood on an unconscious level.
There is a plague that leaves people crippled and unable to be photographed, a crippled widow across the street,he states neither of us are crippled are invalids.  His repression is working to the opposite on everything about her.  He isn't even sure it's spanish influenza, which is WEIRD.  His memory is faulty about events concerning her; his story of her being in the pie club and not knowing her friends doesn't add up considering the wife of his friend says of course you know whose she is, don't you etc etc.
But once again, if he forgot the extraordinary event (its in a fantasy collection remember) HE CAN'T REMEMBER IT NOR BE TRUSTED ABOUT WHAT IT REALLY IS, HE IS ONLY GUESSING ACCORDING TO THE PREMISE OF THE STORY, and incorrectly.
You tend not to believe in supernaturally unreliable narrators so let's just agree to disagree, I can't convince you of this, it is implied by the premise and the title that this story is about the unreliability of memory and the repression of supernatural events.  Doesn't it suck more as a mundane story in which he never met a girl, though?  Is that why he alludes to a text all about the power of forgotten memories to transform everything you believe?
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