(urth) Auk/Hyacinth/Chenille/Tartaros

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 24 06:16:26 PST 2011

James Wynn wrote:

>> Why do you say he kidnapped her for sacrifice?
> Well, he *did* kidnap her. The very requirement to kidnap someone
> assumes that no one could be procured to go willingly.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. Of course he kidnapped her. The question
is why think it was _for sacrifice_ that he did so. I don't think
Tartaros wanted him to kidnap anyone; the woman he had in mind,
Chenille, was there willingly. But Auk, who is in a confused state,
hearing 'A woman is vital,' and finding that Chenille has gone, grabs
the only woman to hand, Hyacinth, who, unsurprisingly, is unwilling.

As to the real reason - I think Tartaros, who is going to send Auk to
start a new colony, wants him to bring a potential partner with whom
he can have children. Later, when recruiting people for the
expedition, Auk says every man must bring a woman and every woman a

. So, if she was vital...
> If Tartaros needed any woman (as his statement implied) why not Hy?

He says 'Go to the woman.. A woman is vital.' So, he has a particular
woman in mind, but she matters because she is a a woman (not because
she is a prostitute, or Silk's sister, or....) My explanation makes
sense of this, I think.

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