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From: António Marques 
> Gerry Quinn wrote:
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> > >  >> How come Cilinia's business with monster-Scylla is a treason to
> > >  >> Typhon a nd then Typhon allows her to be scanned into the Whorl as
> > >  >> a Scylla?
>  >
> > >  > He didn’t know anything about it when she was scanned and the Whorl
> > >  > launched?
>  >
> > > He must, otherwise how would she be a Scylla?
> > He mightn’t have known about Scylla. Or he might not have recognised the
> > significance of the name she took.

> But it's not only the name, it's the whole package. And he learned 
> instantly of Abaia - or did he?
Either that, or he learned “ah, my old enemy Abaia is still around, and doing well it seems – maybe it’s time to negotiate a new understanding.”
But it seems possible to me that he didn’t recognise an issue with Cilinia when the Whorl was launched.  And if she was executed for treason, the exact nature of her treason might not have been known.
- Gerry Quinn
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