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From: Larry Miller 

> I apologize for asking such a question as Im sure it has been
> discussed ad naseum but as I am fairly new to the list and still
> playing catch up in the archives here goes: What makes anyone think
> that Silk is a clone of Typhon?  Id be interested in hearing the basis
> of this theory and any textual evidence anyone has that points to such
> a conclusion.  Thanks.
There are a good few reasons that appeal to various degrees to various people.  One is the fact that Silk is certainly a special embryo, one seeming bred to have leadership abilities.  Another is the thoughts and hints from several places that Typhon/Pas would have planned to disembark on the colonised planets.  Those two are the main ones that tilt me towards the concept.  I know Marc also sets store by various dreams and visions of Silk, and Kypris wanting him in particular to augment Pas.  And I think other people have other motivations for thinking that way.
But there are problems with Silk as Typhon clone – I pointed out this particular one before in regard to Mamelta and Rigoglio, but I just realised it applies to all Sleepers.
I think it’s very possible that Silk as Typhon clone was a ‘seed’ for Wolfe’s original concept, a seed that got buried and eventually abandoned as a real thread in the storyline.  [Okay, seeds need to be buried – but they die if you bury them too deep.]
- Gerry Quinn  
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