(urth) Pike's ghost

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 23 15:00:05 PST 2011

James Wynn wrote:

> You know, having come kicking and screaming to the conclusion that Silk
> is positively a clone of Typhon, this actually complicates Silk's
> encounter on the Aureate Path. Let's say two of his parents are Tussah
> and Silk's Mother. Who are the other two? Typhon as clone father? Okay.
> Maybe. So who is the other mother? Not Kyrpris or even Mamelta. "Early
> Summer"?

Well, I have always seen the two parents as evidence that Silk is not
a clone. Also, it still seems to me that Silk's response is best
explained if he recognises his mother, and this makes most sense if
she is Mamelta; (her being Kypris would also explain it, but would
bring problems of its own).

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