(urth) Babbiehorn?: Was: a sincere question mostly for roy

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That's because in the flashback scenes of OBW he's Horn, when he first gets moved into Silk's body he's Horn because Silk has suicided, when Pig  gets the eye Silver Silk is removed from Pig and placed in Silk's body and then he is Silkhorn only for the composition of OBW, then Horn mostly leaves at the end and he is Silk with only a small residue of Horn left, not enough to even relate the flashback stuff that happened on Green to Horn entirely in 1st person, though he still denies being Silk.  SILKHORN is the narrator of OBW who is writing.

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> > (I’m assuming all along, by the way, that when you say Rajan you are 
> > referring to a later version of Silk/Horn than the ruler of Gaon) 

> Well, the later "version" IS the ruler of Gaon.
> But I don't believe he is primarily Silk or Horn (both of whom have died 
> at that point). I think the name Silkhorn carries incorrect implications 
> about the Rajan/Narrator's identity. Wolfe once referred to the 
> character in Silk's body who returns from the Whorl as "the Rajan" and I 
> prefer that.


But in the cast of characters of _In Green’s Jungles_ it says: “INCANTO, the name by which the former Rajan of Gaon is known in BLANKO.”


He moves on.  And whatever his nature, it changes over time.


- Gerry Quinn

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