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Meanwhile, back to whatever "godlings' are.
My issue and the "what the..." with them in the strory is how Wolfe seemingly & casually throws them into the Whorl and their affect on the convulted and complicated Pig & further adventures of Silk chapters.  (Gawd do I hate reading & struggling & understanding Pig's accent!)
Are we to understand these Godzilla-like creatures are roaming around wreaking havoc or whatever? It just seems very out-of-place or a huge non-sequitor to the story. I admit the wonderment factor is very appealing and adds to the attraction of his writings but it Just Doesn't Make Sense.
Like, where are they during the daytime? Where did they come from? Why are they there? You know just some basic explanations so the leap-of-disbelief factor is quieted versus accepting the writer's trick of just throwing something unexplainable in the text that has no basis yet is a some sort of "deus ex machina." Am I making sense?
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